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Self-ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces: advanced & fast teeth straightening

High-technology wires that move the teeth quickly and require fewer adjustments than traditional braces.

Tie-less braces that don’t need to be “tightened” and are gentle to the teeth and tissues.

A clinically proven treatment approach that aligns teeth and enhances facial aesthetics providing extraordinary smiles.

Treatment with Gemini braces

What are self-ligating braces?

Unlike traditional brace brackets, the self-ligating bracket doesn’t require elastics to hold the wire. This supreme system of the self-ligating braces uses a tie-less mechanism that allows high-technology wires to move freely through the bracket. This reduces friction and binding, allowing teeth to move quickly and more comfortably. Furthermore, the lack of elastics which can easily be coloured by different foods holds a promise for a better-looking smile for the entire duration of your treatment course.

The Damon System, used by our Specialist Orthodontist, uses biologically sensible forces that work with the body’s adaptive processes to create space naturally. This methodology helps orthodontists avoid extractions, where suitable, and bring out your most beautiful natural smile.

Traditional fixed brace vs self-ligating brace bracket, London treatment

Self-ligating braces we work with

At Baker Street Dental we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality of services and materials, as well as with a large variety of options, allowing you to choose the perfect solution for you.

Clear Self-Ligating Braces

👉 Damon Clear
👉 3M Clarity™ SL Self-Ligating Appliance System

Metal Self-Ligating Braces

👉 Damon Metal
👉 3M SmartClip™ SL3 Self-Ligating Appliance System

Are self-ligating braces better?

While every experience with self-ligating braces may vary, they offer advantages which other treatment types may not be able to match.

Easy to clean
Without elastic bands around every bracket, self-ligating braces are easier to clean than traditional treatments.

With fewer hooks than traditional brackets, the self-ligating braces are gentler towards the soft tissue on the inside of your mouth.

Fast treatment
With their high technology and memory-shaped wires, self-ligating braces quickly move teeth and require fewer adjustments.

Self-ligating braces: metal or clear braces?

Even an advanced smile correction can be done on your terms! We, at Baker Street Dental, use Damon braces and are delighted to offer you a choice between Damon Clear and Damon Metal.

Damon Metal
If you’re looking for an advanced fixed brace solution to achieve your perfect smile, Damon Metal will give you jewellery-like metal attachments which you can wear proudly. Damon Metal braces are easy to clean and will not colour during your treatment regardless of the foods you consume.

Damon Clear
If you require fixed braces but don’t want the metal attachments, then Damon Clear is the ideal solution for you. Virtually invisible, the clear brackets blend with the colour of your teeth, and the only visible thing is the thin metal wire they’re holding.


Why choose self-ligating braces?



If you’re looking for a quick teeth-straightening solution, look no further! Self-ligating braces will give you one of the most rapid results possible.



Suitable for complex underbites, cross-bites, deep bites, overcrowding, or gapped teeth.



Concerned about having to change elastics? Fear not! Self-ligating brackets close firmly around the wire and require fewer adjustments.

Want to find out if self-ligating braces are the right fit for you?


* We require a £50 to secure the time-slot for your initial consultation. Following the appointment, the holding fee is refunded in full. Refund of the holding fee is not related to your decision to proceed with the treatment or not. The offer provided to you during the consultation will remain valid for ample time after the consult. Our patient coordinators are always available to answer any additional questions you may have.