Individuals who experience missing or extracted teeth may benefit from wearing dentures, as natural tooth replacements for healthy oral function and improved appearance.

There is an array of denture solutions available to meet patient needs, such as flexible, metal, partial, acrylic and immediate dentures. Dental practitioners can advise patients on teeth replacements and treatments according to their needs. Dentures give patients dental well-being while increasing self-image and confidence for a beautiful smile.

Designed to adapt to gum and mouth shape, flexible dentures are comfortable to wear and do not require metal clasps or dental adhesives for secure positioning. Flexible dentures flex or suction perfectly into place and do not result in problems associated with traditional dentures. Even patients with irregular mouth shape may be suited to flexible dentures.

Individuals regain their natural good looks and enhanced confidence during oral function. People wearing flexible dentures can communicate with others and enjoy meals free of worry.

Those who require stronger dentures for missing teeth may benefit from metal dentures. These are made of more comfortable titanium or cobalt chromium design, with the option of tooth coloured clasps. Attached to nearby teeth, metal dentures enhance tooth strength for improved chewing function.

Partial dentures are easy to wear and patients soon adapt, bringing improved comfort when speaking and eating. Partial dentures can replace one or more missing teeth.

Acrylic dentures are considered a more affordable denture treatment option. They are able to replace one or multiple missing teeth. Acrylic dentures are an ideal solution when patients are vulnerable to further tooth loss or extraction, such as periodontal disease, as they can be added to or extended.

For patients in need of fast teeth replacement immediate dentures may be provided within a day. Immediate dentures are a temporary denture alternative when teeth are extracted, allowing the underlying soft tissue to heal with wear. Patients benefit from artificial teeth that facilitate eating and speaking while their gum tissue heals.

Patients will first have dental impressions made of their mouth. These impressions provide the necessary dimensions and measurements to create custom-made immediate dentures. Once the soft tissue at the extraction site is healed, patients can then choose from other permanent and replaceable teeth options.

As with all substitute replacement devices or fixtures, damage may occur due to accident or injury. In such cases there is the option of immediate denture repair, where the application of strengthening material returns the fixture to normal condition. Patients are provided with guidance on how best to care for and maintain their dentures.

If dentures are left damaged without repair oral trauma may occur. Attempting to self-repair without a professional dentist can lead to further damage of dentures and mouth injury. We encourage patients to contact us as soon as denture damage occurs, so that we can provide the care they need to enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile.

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