Cosmetic Teeth contouring in London

Now cosmetic contouring entails making changes in the tooth shape by means of a sandpaper disc, which causes no tooth damage and can significantly alter its look. It is just the right treatment for minor fractures and break offs since there is no need for anesthesia and there is negligible tooth decrease – only sufficient to level the uneven edges.

Besides, cosmetic contouring can be made use of to reshape teeth that are crammed together or uneven to make them appear more aligned.

The attraction of cosmetic contouring lies in the fact that no anesthetic is required, it provides a long-term solution without any maintenance, and it is in fact the most reasonable and swiftest solution. But, how much tooth is to be chipped off depends on the bite.

Cosmetic contouring is regularly done in cases where a small to moderate cramming of the lower and upper anterior teeth is there.

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