Ceramc braces treatment London

Ceramic Braces

What are ceramic braces?

If you don’t trust yourself with removable braces but still want an affordable treatment with a clear brace, then you’re a perfect fit for ceramic braces. They come with clear attachments and clear elastics, and the only thing remaining visible is the thin metal wire, held by the brackets.

Ceramic braces are a cost-effective solution for mild bite corrections, overcrowding, or gapped teeth. Bonded securely to your teeth they provide timely results and are a fantastic solution for that beautiful, healthy smile you desire.


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What are the costs of ceramic braces?

At Baker Street Dental we offer specialist orthodontist lead treatments with Inspire Ice – a ceramic brace with beautifully crafted clear brackets.

The treatment costs start from £4000 and cover the entire treatment process from beginning to end. This includes your free initial consultation with our specialist orthodontists, all of your following appointments, an initial hygiene session, cosmetic teeth shaping, Philips home teeth whitening, and both fixed and removable retainers.

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