da Vinci Veneers

a Vinci Veneers are made using the latest innovative technology found in the da Vinci Veneer Studios based in California, America. Crafted with thin yet highly durable porcelain, da Vinci Veneers are a tooth-sculpting cosmetic and dental solution, perfect for patients desiring beautifully white teeth and an enhanced smile.

This type of veneer is bonded on the front surface of the teeth and is used to disguise discoloured, stained teeth and create perfectly shaped smiles. da Vinci Veneers can be bonded over teeth already whitened or stained teeth that require masking. Bonding da Vinci Veneers to the tooth surface is a pain-free treatment, which requires minimal preparation and no need for anaesthesia.

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da Vinci Veneers give patients a bigger spectrum of choice in both shape and shade, which they can choose to best create their smile. Being ultra-thin, da Vinci Veneers provide a stronger bond with the natural teeth, blending in for an enhanced and durable appearance that lasts. da Vinci Veneers look like real teeth but with added star quality, and because they are stain-resistant wearers can enjoy coffee, red wine and smoking without the concern of teeth discolouration.

Californian-based ceramists are known for their skill and knowledge of porcelain blends, able to create the very best and most durable results. Created at da Vinci Studios, each veneer is custom-made for the patient to provide enhancement specifically tailored to them.

Used by celebrities and people from all over the world, da Vinci Veneers and their benefits are popularised by programmes such as ABC’s Extreme Makeover. Extending from the lab in America, da Vinci Veneers are now available to people in the UK who wish to have an affordable celebrity smile.

People with misaligned teeth, crowding, stained and discoloured teeth, gaps between teeth or teeth that are broken may benefit from da Vinci Veneers. The dentist will evaluate patients’ oral health and dental condition to provide appropriate recommendations.

da Vinci Veneers are an effective and timely treatment for such dental conditions as crooked, crowded or gapped teeth. There is no need to undergo months or even years of orthodontic treatment. These veneers transform patient smiles by correcting tooth symmetry, building up fractured teeth and masking unsightly stains.

Some patients simply want to improve their smile and appearance. Having a smile makeover with da Vinci Veneers gives them the desired celebrity look and a beautifully attractive smile.

We welcome patients for an initial consultation to discuss what you want out of a smile makeover and to evaluate dental health.

Should you wish to proceed with da Vinci Veneers impressions and photographs will be taken of your oral dimensions and tooth structure. A model is then created to show patients what they can expect from treatment before they even receive their da Vinci Veneers. Patients will be involved in designing their own smile and can take advantage of a “trial smile” to find one that best suits them.

Teeth whitening treatment can be provided before the veneers are fitted to enhance the colour of your teeth. You are given time to think about your choices and if you are happy with your smile design, the teeth are prepared and you are provided with temporary veneers while your da Vinci Veneers are being created in the da Vinci Studio.

Within a month of your initial visit the da Vinci Veneers are securely bonded to the teeth. Patients experience a greater sense of self-confidence and contentment with their new appearance, providing an amazing boost to self-esteem.

Patients can choose flexible financial payment options. This allows them to either pay in full or use dental finance. Our affordable dental finance options mean that patients can have beautiful teeth at an affordable price. Following dental guidance and manufacturer instructions, da Vinci Veneers are designed to last for up to ten years.

For further information about da Vinci Veneers please get in touch with our team. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make the journey to having a life-changing smile.

For further information about da Vinci Veneers please get in touch with our team. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make the journey to having a life-changing smile.

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