Denture Repairs

Patients are helped to maintain their dentures to reduce risk of breakage. However, in the event that a denture becomes damaged or broken, denture repair can ensure continued comfortable and stable denture wear.

Typically, dentures become damaged or broken when dropped during the process of being placed in the mouth or cleaned. When dentures fall on hard surfaces, such as a tiled floor or in a ceramic basin, they may fracture or crack. Instead of attempting to fix the denture yourself or going without them, get in touch with the clinic immediately and we will safely and professionally repair your denture.

Daily wearing of dentures over a long period of time and exposure to different temperatures also places stress on dentures. People with teeth grinding or bruxism habits tend to place additional strain on their dentures, increasing risk of denture damage.

Self-repair of dentures increases the risk of further damage to dentures. Dentures are specially made for patients according to diagnostic and fitting measurements, so that they fit and function precisely. Trying to repair dentures oneself may alter these specifications and the way dentures fit in the mouth for oral function and appearance. Professional denture repair ensures proper and healthy denture use and aesthetics.

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Dentures are often repairable should they incur any damage. However, if severely broken it may not be optimal to repair the denture, but instead provide a new set of dentures for patient comfort. Dentists assess the damage caused to dentures to see if they are repairable. Dentures that are fractured in up to three places may still be repairable, so don’t despair and get in touch with us for quality repair solutions.

Should a new set of dentures be recommended because damaged dentures are not repairable, patients can benefit from same-day immediate dentures. So, patients may continue to enjoy healthy dental function and an aesthetically pleasing look. We ensure patients do not have to go without teeth.

When the dentist recommends denture-repair, the damaged denture is restored by a dental laboratory technician, so that patients may receive their repaired dentures on the same day, usually within one to two hours.

The dental technician cleans the damaged dentures first and then applies dental resin to bond and seal the fracture site of the denture. Broken denture parts are securely bonded back together so the dentures look and function healthily, as they are intended to do.

Should dentures become stained or discoloured from food consumption, beverages or tobacco, it is best to seek professional denture cleaning to ensure that the surface of dentures is not further damaged or dulled. Dentists can professionally clean dentures to preserve their appearance and smooth, glossy surface, so that patients look their best and feel comfort when wearing their dentures.

If the artificial teeth of dentures become damaged, the broken or fractured ones can be replaced with new teeth. It is quite easy to add replacement teeth to dentures in the event of artificial tooth damage, tooth extraction or loss. Dental technicians are trained in denture repair and denture teeth replacement, with patients able to receive their full set of teeth on the same day they are brought in for enhancement.

Dentures with multiple repairs may serve patients better if replaced after a long time of wear and repair. We provide replacement dentures based on the original denture design and fit, so that patients adjust to their replacement dentures with ease for continued comfortable denture experience.

Patients benefit more from replacing their dentures than wearing dentures that become ill-fitting and uncomfortable. Proper denture fit and comfort is vital in maintaining healthy oral tissue and well-being.

In the event of damage to dentures, do keep the broken denture parts together and do not attempt denture repair at home. Contact our clinic for an appointment immediately. Bring all damaged denture parts with you to the dental appointment, in order for the dentist to assess the breakage and provide recommendations for repair or replacement.

Denture repair kits are available for denture wearers who want to attempt to repair their dentures themselves at home. However, in many cases such home-denture repair kits cause problems when the self-repaired dentures are worn.

Often these broken dentures repaired at home are not adequately repaired and further breakage occurs. Self-repaired dentures may be ill-fitting and cause oral discomfort. Their surface may also be damaged during the home-repair process resulting in a dulled appearance.

Professional denture repair ensures that dentures are properly repaired or replaced, as appropriate according to dentist recommendation. Doing so prevents further denture damage, oral trauma and risk of damage to dental structures. Patients benefit from in-clinic denture repair, by receiving comfortable fitting and functional dentures on the same day that allow patients to feel and look their best.

Although over-the-counter denture repair solutions are tempting for convenience and lower cost, in the long run these self-repaired dentures can cause discomfort and result in higher costs. This is a result of accumulated denture and oral damage. It is best to have broken dentures repaired through professional dentists for quality repair and dental results.

Loose dentures are repairable through a denture repair service. Continuing to wear a loose-fitting denture for cost-savings can result in increased denture and dental costs, since dentures may become damaged and oral health possibly decline.

We safely reline dentures for enhanced retention, oral stability and comfort. Denture relining takes between one to two hours, with patients receiving their improved dentures on the same day they bring them to us.

Patients may also opt for new dentures, modelled on their previous pair that becomes loose or damaged. We strive to ensure patients have new snug-fitting dentures immediately to receive the benefits of healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Dentists and denture technicians provide patients with guidance for best care of their dentures. Careful denture handling is important to prevent dentures being dropped on the floor or in the sink and broken.

Using denture cleaning materials recommended by your dentist ensures good denture maintenance, as does having dentures repaired professionally in-clinic for successful denture repair results.

When not in use, dentures should be safely stored in a care box for better hygiene and to prevent denture breakage. Dentists can recommend appropriate care boxes for patients if necessary.

Get in touch with us immediately if your dentures are lost or broken, or if a tooth is lost, to preserve good oral health and prevent further damage.

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