Extreme smile makeovers

London extreme smile makeovers

Baker Street Dental Center in London has expert cosmetic dentists skilled in providing dental patients with smile makeovers so that they can flash a model smile with lovely white, perfectly aligned and even teeth. Besides, a smile makeover Baker Street dentist, apart from focusing on giving you a great smile, also deals with healthy teeth and gums that are just as vital in creating a smile, which will make a world of difference to your level of confidence and self-worth.

Our smile makeover dentists in London can create pearly-white smiles that resemble those viewed on the Extreme Makeover Show on Living TV. You can have a teeth makeover to celebrate a special event, a marriage ceremony makeover or merely because you choose to have one. A new stunning smile possibly can have a permanent positive impact on patients who have opted for a smile makeover treatment carried out by the extreme makeover Baker Street dentists in London.

Initial Smile Makeover Consultation in London

On the initial visit, the smile Baker Street dentist begins with first checking the lip line, teeth size, facial proportions and dental health. Some of the makeover dental procedures that are used to give you the perfect smile include laser teeth whitening to produce brighter teeth, white fillings in case of teeth fitted with traditional amalgam fillings and tooth veneers in order to set right stained, broken, spaced or misshapen teeth. Moreover, you can select from an extensive range of cosmetic dentistry alternatives as recommended by our London Smile makeover dentist, and you can pick the one that suits your requirements before you go in for a dental makeover treatment.

Now a smile makeover makes for a great personal investment – a beautiful smile makes you more self-assured and shears away more than ten years from your age.

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