Cosmetic Dentistry

At Baker Street Dental Clinic we pride ourselves on being able to offer clients a diverse range of cosmetic and dental treatments, which not only enhance patients’ oral health but also gives them the celebrity smile they desire.

Discreet orthodontic solutions such as invisible braces align the teeth, remove gaps and bring symmetry to crowded and crooked teeth. These brace systems are designed with cutting-edge technology and use materials that are clear or blend in with your natural tooth colour, so that no one will be able to tell you are even wearing braces.

The gentle application of forces to the teeth over a period of 6 to 12 months will allow Invisalign to correct any tooth crookedness and bite problems for a beautiful, straight smile. Wearers are excited at knowing that their teeth will soon have a star-like quality, with no need for noticeable wires or brackets.

Comfortably combined with other treatments such as teeth whitening, Invisalign ensures a radiant smile with glowing white, natural-looking teeth.

Amongst the most in-style dental treatments available today is the smile makeover, which often includes dental veneer options such as da Vinci, Mac, Emax, Durathin and Lumineers. These are fitted over the patient’s natural teeth to enhance their appearance. Patients can choose the tooth shade and shape they want to make sure they are completely in control of their smile makeover treatment. We offer patients the opportunity to explore smile designs and trial a smile that feels right for them.

Similarly we provide smile-enhancing solutions for gummy smiles, where excess gum tissue covers the teeth and makes them appear smaller. Using gentle laser treatment the gums are reshaped to create a healthy, natural-looking and beautiful smile.

For the brightest smile we also offer in-house power teeth whitening treatments like Zoom! This is able to treat tooth discolouration caused by acidic foods, drinks and smoking. Home whitening kits such as Enlighten are another advantageous choice and allow patients to safely whiten their teeth at home.

Another beneficial cosmetic treatment many dentists now offer is wrinkle-reduction facial cosmetics, which includes the likes of dermal fillers and Botox to tone the skin and create a smooth facial surface and younger-looking skin. Patients feel a great sense of confidence knowing that their youthful look can be achieved without invasive plastic surgery. Anti-wrinkle treatment options like Botox and Derma Fillers have been tried and tested to ensure complete safety and are now used throughout the world by both general and celebrity clients.

Immediate and timely smile makeovers can also be achieved through custom-made Snap-on-Smiles, the perfect choice for upcoming special events such as university graduation, birthday celebrations and weddings. Snap-on-smiles can be custom-fitted to your smile within one month and can be adjusted and removed with ease.

We provide a wide spectrum of smile makeover choices to ensure that patients can choose the most appropriate treatment for a successful outcome each and every time. Our consultation process is non-judgemental and involves personalised care options. We have a holistic approach to cosmetic and dental care, valuing patient involvement and feedback to develop treatment options that meet specific cosmetic dentistry needs.

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