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Insignia Advanced Smile Design

100% Customised Brace Treatment

Insignia Advanced Smile Design is a complete treatment solution offering you access to a range of treatment solutions that your orthodontist can combine to reveal your most beautiful smile.

With Insignia’s Advanced Smile Design software, you’ll see your smile before your treatment even starts.

Truly yours
Brackets, wires, smile design – everything is made just for you. With Insignia, each attachment is designed for the tooth it will be placed on.

Insignia’s precise planning and visual tools help your orthodontist achieve unparalleled precision.

Insignia Advanced Smile Design reduces treatment time by up to 37%.

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Why choose Insignia Advanced Smile Design

Orthodontics is a complex science. It’s not only about adjusting the visual appearance of your teeth. The alignment of the roots in accordance with the nerves inside your jaw bone matters, too. Proper blood flow in your jaw also makes a difference.

All of these factors and more are taken into account for the creation of the Insignia Advanced Smile Design System. Insignia’s Approver software helps create your digital smile treatment before the process even begins so that you can visualise the final result, and all attachments and appliances are manufactured based on the 3D model of your final result.

What is the treatment process with Insignia Advanced Smile Desing?


1st step: Scan

The first step of the treatment is to digitalise your smile and prepare the files for a 3D design.


2nd step: Design

Insignia’s care specialists prepare a digital setup that your orthodontist then uses to design your smile based on your specific needs, teeth condition, and facial features.


3rd step: Manufacturing

After you have reviewed your newly designed smile and approved the course of treatment with your orthodontist, your brackets and wires are manufactured. Each attachment and wire is custom-made to fit precisely the tooth it will be bonded to, and the wires follow the course of treatment with absolute accuracy.


4th step: Bonding

When your orthodontist receives the attachments and wires, we’ll invite you to attend an appointment during which the brackets will be bonded to your teeth. This step is the official start of your treatment, and you can soon expect to start seeing results.


5th step: Treatment and appointments

Your orthodontist will need to see you approximately every 6 or 8 weeks, but the exact times of the appointments will vary based on each organism’s reaction to the treatment.


6th step: Retention

When your treatment is complete, the attachments will be debonded from your teeth, and you’ll be able to see your new smile. You will receive either bonded/fixed or removable retainers to keep your smile as gorgeous as it has become.

Who is Insignia Advanced Smile Design suitable for?

Anyone can take advantage of the advanced Insignia system. The treatment is suitable for both mild and more complex cases, including:

  • open bite;
  • overbite;
  • underbite;
  • cross-bite;
  • gapped teeth;
  • crowded teeth and more.
Insignia Advanced Smile Design - before and after

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