15 Jun

The dangers of rotting teeth in Central London

There is horrible chain of events that can lead to some pretty nasty and costly things going on in your mouth in central London and if you don’t take the right precautions from the off, you may well be in serious trouble in the future. Between you maintaining high levels of oral hygiene and your dentist, these problems will hopefully never happen. It all starts if you fail to remove the plaque from your teeth which can harden into tartar and which will start to strangle your gums and lead to them to become diseased- this alone can wreak chaos in your mouth and body, but it will also help in the development of tooth decay which will inevitably break into the tooth and infect it. Now you are at a bad crossroads already; you are leaving yourself wide open to dangerous abscesses developing and the onset of periodontal disease eating away at the structure of your jaws and you will most certainly start to lose your teeth. Repairing all of this will take a lot of hard work and money, and even then after you have had bone grafts and tissue grafts; it still may not make any difference to the inevitable outcome. As you can see, get to plaque before it gets to you, and you will prevent any of this from happening.