16 Jan

6 Months Smile in the City of London

If you consider you have an ‘ugly’ smile in the city of London, you don’t have to resign yourself that you have it for life, because there are treatments available to get your teeth fixed, whatever your age. One such imported treatment from the U.S is called the 6 months smile designed to cure overcrowding teeth, gaps, teeth that stick out and teeth that do not meet when you bite. And it’s as quick as it says in the title. Initially, the dentist will assess your smile with x-rays and photographs and decide if you are suitable for the treatment. Once you have cleared this hurdle, you will be fitted with the brace that is tailor made back in the States, consisting of small white brackets and special, unobtrusive wires to hold everything in place. As the treatment develops, you will visit the dentist once a month for adjustments and monitoring until the treatment is finished. The advantage of this treatment, other than the time, allows you to plan around any major events that you may have coming up in your calendar and even more attractive is the price. It comes in a lot cheaper than other treatments and in half the time, but then, can you put a price on looking good and smiling with confidence?