18 Nov

75 per cent faster straightening with Inman aligner from City of London dentist

For most patients who are told they need braces the major factor is not the discomfort or their unseemly appearance, it is the length of treatment. With some conventional braces treatment times can run from months into years. Fortunately, the advances in dental technology have brought with them new and improved methods of teeth straightening.
One of the latest and most appealing braces on the market is the Inman aligner. As an alternative to metal braces it clearly has the edge in terms of discretion and reduced treatment times.
By using the power of a coiled spring hidden on the tongue side of the teeth, the Inman aligner pushes the lateral teeth out creating room for the overcrowded front teeth. These are simultaneously pushed forward and aligned with a retainer that runs along the front of the teeth. This metal retainer bar is the only aspect of the brace that is visible to other people.
The Inman aligner begins to show results in an incredible six to sixteen weeks. Whole treatments rarely last longer than six months in total, which is a reduction in treatment time on average of 75 per cent against other metal braces and plastic retainers.
When initially fitted the Inman aligner may cause some mild discomfort as the teeth get accustomed to the new appliance. This is rarely ever more than a mild discomfort and usually passes within the first week. Other than this initial discomfort, the Inman treatment is relatively painless.
The Inman aligner is the perfect treatment for patients seeking to resolve minor overcrowding issues. For patients with more serious straightening needs a dentist may need to carry out some prior work to make the aligner effective. Inman is particularly suited to more mature patients because of its discreet nature and speed of treatment. It also has the added bonus of being completely removable for important business and social occasions. If you are suffering from overcrowding issues but can’t face lengthy treatment with traditional braces, ask a City of London dentist about the benefits of the Inman aligner.