09 Oct

A Convenient Way to Straighten Your Teeth

Baker Street Dental Group dentists in London are aware that time is of the essence and most patients are looking for speed and convenience when it comes to orthodontic treatment. If this sounds like you, allow us to introduce you to the Inman Aligner.

About the Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is an orthodontic system that moves the teeth into a straighter position by using forces created by a metal bar and a coiled spring. The forces squeeze the teeth, pushing and pulling them and causing them to move.
The Inman Aligner is designed for patients who have issues affecting the front teeth and it is a very effective and quick means of improving the aesthetic of the smile. It corrects a number of problems, such as minor crowding and slightly crooked front teeth.

Advantages of the Inman Aligner

This treatment has a host of benefits for patients with minor orthodontic issues. The aligner is removable, works quickly and employs the latest techniques to minimise friction and discomfort. Treatment time is just 16 weeks on average and you will start to notice positive changes after just a couple of weeks.
As the Inman Aligner is removable, it makes teeth cleaning and maintaining the brace very easy. Without a brace in place, you can brush with ease and you can take the aligner out to remove debris and cleanse the brace very easily.
If you’re interested in orthodontic treatment and are looking for a convenient and fast treatment that moves the teeth gently as well as providing more discretion than traditional fixed braces, the Inman Aligner may be the perfect solution. Call us today to find out more!