03 Feb

A Dental Emergency in the City of London

A dental emergency, like any emergency, needs to be addressed immediately, but it is also important not to overreact to a problem that may arise in the mouth. Dental emergencies come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s important to educate yourself with an understanding of the nature of the emergency. Most problems can be attended to at home until a dentist can be seen. If you lose a filling, a veneer, a crown or even chip a tooth, exposure to cold air can be painful, but until you can get treatment, gaps can be plugged with gum and treated with clove oil or painkillers; as can toothaches- these can arise at any time, but can be treated in the same way. If you lose a tooth, again the gap should be filled and if possible, the tooth retained until a dentist can be seen. But as well as keeping the emergency in perspective, you should never underestimate a problem either. Some wounds can become infected if not treated, leading to further complications. In the case of an explosion of an abscess, the situation can easily become life threatening. It’s always useful to have products lying around the house or in a first-aid kit to cope with minor emergencies. Some dentists within the city of London may offer a 24 hour emergency line that you can call, but if you feel there is a real emergency at hand, a hospital should be sought- self awareness in an emergency is important.