11 May

A Dental Emergency just needs a little bit of forward thinking; says a Central London dentist

We have a plan when the car breaks down, we are covered by insurance if a pipe bursts and all of these come with a number and a procedure that works. When it comes to a Dental Emergency we are usually completely lost as to what to do, and how to do it advises a Central London dentist. A little forward planning is all that is needed, first of all are you actually registered at a dental surgery? If you`re not then you will need to be in order to get emergency treatment. A hospital A and E unit won`t be able to assist you as they don`t have emergency dental facilities. Call your nearest dentist and register first, then get the emergency number for out of office hours, how simple was that! If you get a dental problem then by the Laws laid down by Mr Murphy (Murphy`s law states that if a problem can occur, it usually will), it will happen at a weekend, late at night on even on a Bank Holiday. So, you will need to have a backup plan, this is known as Plan `B`. Go to the chemist and buy a phial of Oil of Cloves, some baby buds and some cotton balls, keep them handy in a sealed container. If you get a tooth ache then simply dip a baby bud into the oil of cloves and gently wipe the oil around the tooth, it will react and create heat which in turn will relieve the pain till you can get to a dental surgery. Taking two painkillers will help as well, never exceed the limit on the packet. Do not drink alcohol to relieve pain, this is a cowboy film fallacy that doesn`t work. If you`re out and about and you get a pain, mix some salt and pepper together with a drop of water and use this as you would the oil of cloves