14 Jun

A Dry Socket is dangerous in London

Having a tooth removed is like having any other operation that you may have done in London; the body needs to have time to heal and adjust, and during this period you have to avoid things such as smoking and promote your diet to help build your immune system. It’s when things don’t heal properly that further complications set in and with a tooth extraction, that complication can be a dry socket. When the tooth is pulled, a blood clot will form, heal the gums and then fall out naturally. It is when the clot falls out prematurely, for whatever reason; it becomes a little dangerous for your oral health. With the clot gone, the raw bone of the jaw will be exposed to the air and open to infection from bacteria; it will also be excruciatingly painful so you need to get it seen to immediately by your dentist. This will involve daily visits to have the wound dressed, using special medicines as well, until the hole starts to seal again. If it is done right and you use a special medicated mouthwash, and painkillers to ease the discomfort, you should be out of trouble within the week and get back to normal.