21 Jun

A London Dentist Can do Teeth Contouring

Surprisingly enough, many people need teeth contouring. Regardless of whether your teeth are broken, or your bite is not aligned properly, teeth contouring may help alleviate your problems. Even if you are not planning to have a smile makeover, a London dentist can help ensure that the shape of your teeth do not interfere with proper chewing.
As you may be aware, when a dentist changes the shape of your teeth, he/she can make them larger or smaller. For example, if your teeth are too small, your dentist may be able to use resin and other substances to make them larger. While this is most often used to fill in gaps, there are also ways to make them look longer. Among other things, your dentist may be able to remove some gum tissue in order to expose some of the tooth that is normally hidden.
If your teeth need to be smaller, your dentist may be able to file them down in order to ensue they fit properly in your mouth. When combined with braces, this may be an ideal way to correct an overbite. Without a question, having the size of your teeth reduced will be better than having your jaw or upper plate expanded using surgical means.
When your teeth do not fit properly within your mouth, it will do much more than ruin your smile. Consider a situation where you have an overbite. If you try to bite evenly into an apple, it will never work. Not only will you be unable to remove a piece of the apple with your teeth, the lower ones may break if you put too much pressure on them.
In some cases, you may need to have braces or other orthodontic procedures along with teeth contouring. While you may think this is purely a matter of cosmetics, teeth that are the right size are of immense benefit to your overall ability to chew and eat properly. If you suffer with teeth that are the wrong size, you will benefit from teeth contouring procedures.