12 Jul

A London Dentist Can Help To Halt Your Sleep Apnoea

Sleep is that beautiful time when your body shuts down and you re-generate for the next day ahead….well that’s the idea and it will indeed if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
However, sleep for lots of people in London can also be a very dangerous scenario if you fit into some of the following scenarios: – Are you a heavy drinker? Are you a smoker? Are you obese? Do you take lots of medication? Well if you do identify with any of these, you could well be treading the dangerous waters of sleep apnoea.
Why is Apnoea so dangerous?
When you go to sleep, the brain, heart and lungs clock-in and automatically set about running your system, but if your airways are blocked for any reason, this will overload this system and to compensate, all of these three organs will become strained and that’s where apnoea sets in.
Over time, such strain will end up with you dying because the organs can’t cope anymore; your heart will especially be the one to suffer. If you are any of the above scenarios and you snore badly, you are at danger. But once you have identified this problem, your dentists/orthodontists are the crew to turn to for salvation. They can kit you out with devices that will help free-up your breathing when you sleep with breathing apparatuses or jaw splints.
Eventually you will need to go that extra mile and address your lack of fitness, your smoking, your drinking and your medication and these people can help you here as well and proffer guidance so that you can tackle any of these issues; it won’t be easy, but it may just save your life.