09 May

A London Smile Makeover Can Change Your Life Completely

Do you want to have a celebrity smile? It is possible with smile makeover that London dentists can offer.
A smile makeover involves facial rejuvenation, dental or cosmetic procedures to improve your smile. A smile makeover is an individual choice. One smile makeover may be different to another.
For example, one person may want to improve the length or shape of his teeth. Another may want to have celebrity-like white and straight teeth. A smile makeover may also mean to other people as replacement of dental amalgam fillings with teeth whitening and composite.
Whatever reason you may have to undergo a smile makeover, there are various cosmetic dentistry options for you to choose from to improve your smile:
• Repair of broken or chipped tooth – the treatment options include porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding and porcelain crowns. The extent of the damage of your teeth will determine the kind of treatment that you will need.
• Straightening of crooked teeth – conventional orthodontics or Invisalign aligners or braces are recommended treatment for crooked or misalign teeth. For fast solution to this type of tooth problem, porcelain veneers may be considered.
• Replacement of missing teeth – a smile makeover may involve replacing existing restorations. This can be done by dental implants, denture or dental bridge.
• Closing gaps between teeth – this can be remedied with porcelain veneers such as da Vinci or Lumineers. Your London dentist may also recommend the use of orthodontics to move your teeth and close the gaps. Some orthodontic appliances include Invisalign braces, Damon braces, lingual braces or Inman aligner.
Whatever cosmetic dentistry option you will choose, you can be sure that a smile makeover will completely change your life.