27 Aug

A lovely smile- Teeth Straightening in London

Getting your teeth straightened in London has become refined over the past few decades and it has actually become fast and furious to do. For example, the Inman aligner can get your teeth straightened in only 6 weeks. However, most braces and aligners can work for you starting from 6 months. Fixed braces have always been excellent for re-arranging complex teeth issues and though they are a pain to wear and hard to clean, they work with sublime precision, so if you need them, you need them, whatever time it takes- but you will have superb teeth at the end. However, some of the modern aligners around are just amazing in the way they work; removable, almost invisible and they do the job quicker than traditional braces do. If your teeth are only a little bit jagged though, you can have them ground down and then be fitted with veneers and this will take at the max a couple of weeks to do. Do sit down with a dentist and understand the options open to you- each mouth is different, and what might work for the next person, may not work for you, so get stuck in and find what is best for your teeth.