14 Dec

A quarter of Brits would rather attempt DIY dental work than go to the dentist, survey shows

shutterstock_138700625A new survey has revealed that a quarter of Brits has attempted DIY dental work as a result of a fear of going to the dentist.
A poll, which involved 2,000 people, suggested that those living in the north western cities of Manchester and Liverpool were most likely to attempt treatment at home rather than making an appointment at the surgery. Of those surveyed, 25 percent admitted that they had tried home remedies, and 19 percent of people living in Manchester and Liverpool said that they would rather try dental DIY than go to the dentist. Fifteen percent of Londoners claimed that they would put off a trip to the dental practice in favour of trying at-home repairs.
The survey, which was carried out by Sapphire Braces, also suggested that almost 30 percent of people made an appointment, only to cancel it late in the day.
The most common fears among dental patients were the dental drill and needles; 24 percent of respondents admitted that the sound of the drill made them feel anxious while 13 percent feared injections.
Although dental fear was a factor for many patients, a high proportion of participants also suggested that the cost of treatment put them off attending regular appointments. More than forty percent of those surveyed said that price was a factor. Some people also expressed fears about needing follow up appointments and further treatment.