02 Aug

A Root Canal isn`t that bad these days, says a Central London dentist

Sounds awful doesn’t it; A Root Canal. In times past it wasn’t even possible in many places, and if you could get one it was the most painful experience in most people`s life. Today is just a simple operation done under a painless local anaesthetic, you won`t even feel the needle going in your gums to deaden the tooth says a Central London dentist. Infections are caused by a lax oral hygiene routine or even in some cases a crack that allows bacteria to seep into the inner chamber of a tooth. Once in there bacteria will thrive and infect the tooth so badly that the pain is excruciating. Antibiotics will bring infections down and then a tooth can be extracted in most cases. However, to lose a tooth early isn’t a good thing and fixing the problem further can be very expensive. A root canal will in most cases fix the problem for good. The surgeon will drill out the inner enamel of the tooth; this leaves a hollow tooth that exposes the nerve and the inner chamber. The chamber is cleaned up of any infection and then it is cleaned further using an intense light source, this ensures that no bacteria is left to breed again. The hole is then sprayed with a coating of an anti-bacterial liquid and filled back up using a special mix of porcelain to compensate for the missing enamel. This is very hard wearing and acts better than natural enamel. That usually solves the problem and saves the tooth, so don`t be put off.