04 May

A veneer could be the answer to a chipped or cracked tooth says a City of London dentist

A veneer is a covering that gives the affect of a solid material; we all have veneer furniture in our houses, and now the dental profession uses veneers as well, says a City of London dentist. A chipped tooth can be so annoying as it catches the tongue when we chew and makes it sore, a cracked tooth is annoying as it lets hot and cold food stuffs into the inner chamber and causes us pain and infections. In the old days they would simply extract the tooth and replace it with a denture, but today we live an enlightened age and almost all dental problems are curable. Using a bonding agent, which is colour coded cement, your dentist can cover the crack and seal it, the join is almost invisible to the eye. A veneer would cover the front of the tooth and completely hide the crack altogether, not only that but it would also seal the crack and stop bacteria getting into it. It can be coloured to look any shade of white, that way a veneer will look and act just like your real teeth. For a chipped tooth it will not only hide the chip, but it will stop the tongue from getting caught on it when you are chewing. Veneers are also used by cosmetic dentists to disguise discoloured teeth and even in some cases a misaligned tooth, but one of the most common reasons is that of a cracked or chipped tooth. You don`t need to lose the tooth now, just have the problem `papered` over and left. There are varying types of veneers; the latest design is a Lumineer, which is super thin, but very tough. This veneer can last up to 20 years; it needs no special maintenance and is fitted in a matter of minutes. For more information and to see if this would solve any problems you have, see your dentist.