12 Jul

Achieve that Perfect Smile with London Dentist’s Teeth Contouring.

Small details matter when it comes to teeth. While treatments such as braces can help fix the overall shape of your teeth it may still be necessary to fine tune your smile. Your London dentist offers teeth contouring as a way to change the shape or size of your teeth. While it is primarily a cosmetic procedure there are real dental benefits in reshaping and contouring your teeth. When teeth overlap or become angled it can be very difficult to effectively clean every part of the tooth, making your teeth perfectly straight will allow you to easily and effectively clean every inch of tooth.
If you think that teeth contouring might help you make an appointment for a consultation with your local dentist. They will take through the procedure and decide whether contouring is necessary or insufficient. If the issues are very minor they may simply recommend a professional teeth cleaning, if the issues are quite major they will talk about the options that may be available (such as braces and veneers). If you decide to go ahead with teeth contouring they may take an x-ray to make sure that your teeth are healthy on the inside.
Using a range of instruments your dentist will remove small portions of your teeth enamel to create the perfect shape. Gradually your dentist will reshape the tooth a small piece at a time until they create the perfect shape. They will then polish the whole tooth to create a consistent surface texture. The procedure is straight forward, pain free and generally only takes a single visit to the dentist.