28 Aug

Act quickly and get help from London dentist, knocked out tooth can be saved

 In the recent match between the local clubs, it is me who got a bad experience. It is my team mate who hit in my face (not intentionally yaar) and I was in a pool of blood. I felt something has gone out from my mouth; all players were visibly worried and asked me to wash my face immediately. While washing I located a white bud, loosened and hanging from the teeth rows. It was simply one of the lower teeth. I am not sure from where I got courage, I asked my friends to take me to a London dental clinic, which is of course nearby. I could reach the London clinic within thirty minutes of incident. The rest of the story is a usual dental treatment technique for knocked out tooth. They could save my tooth by the most modern techno savvy procedures.
One of the most serious emergencies very often occur in the Dental field is knocked out tooth, or the avulsed tooth. Often people will get stressed and become unable to act faster and that can lead to the permanent lose of the knocked out tooth. Many renowned dental surgeons are out there in London who are well versed with such emergency dental related situations.
As all of us know, when the tooth is knocked out, the surrounding tissues, blood vessels and nerves also would have damaged. If immediate attention is got by a skilled dentist the tooth can be reattached and there is a great chance that surrounding tissues also become healthy and hold the knocked out tooth. One should be extremely careful about handling the knocked out tooth.
• You should hold it only by the crown of the knocked out tooth, not by the root. Root is the most sensitive part in the tooth and if it is damaged, reattaching will not be successful.
• Gently rinse the knocked out tooth in milk or saline water. Make sure that the root is not getting damaged.
• If possible keep the knocked out tooth in its original place and keep it until you reach the dentist, or keep it in mouth between lower jaw and teeth line. This will help the teeth in its natural environment.
• Make sure that the tooth is not getting dried. You can keep it in milk, which is better solution than water for the tooth.
• Approach the dentist as early as possible, within 30 minutes is better.
I am happy now that the timely help from the London based dental clinic saved my attractive face from a bad incident which could have affected permanently the shape of my face. I will suggest all of you to keep this message in mind so that you could help the needy who will have the bad experience of knocked out tooth. I thank my London dentist for his skills and timely help.