20 Nov

Addressing Dental Health Problems in London

We use our mouths for many necessary things such as eating, drinking and talking. We also use our mouths for many unnecessary things like opening sachets of food, biting pens and chewing our fingernails. In a day, our mouths get a workout and are subject to dozens of objects and millions of germs.
Let’s take a look at some common dental health problems and the steps to take to avoid succumbing to them:


Toothaches are caused by dental decay, fractures in the teeth, irritation after dental work or inflammation. Toothaches are best avoided by practising proper oral hygiene, so keep your teeth and gums clean and avoid indulging in too much sugar.

Bad breath

Bad breath is typically caused by gum disease, tooth decay, catarrh, infections, reflux and other medical conditions affecting the oesophagus, stomach or airway. Bad breath can best be avoided by practising proper dental hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly. Adding mouthwash to your oral routine can also be effective in preventing bad breath, but it is always best to avoid an alcohol based wash, as these dry out your mouth, causing further bad breath.

Cold sores

Cold sores are blisters that appear on the sides of the mouth or other swollen areas of the face. They can be painful and tender and are contagious through touch. Avoiding directly touching a cold sore and washing your hands before and after touching the mouth can help to prevent cold sores. There are a number of factors that cause cold sores, including menstruation, exposure to sunlight and fever.