22 Nov

Adhesives for Dentures in the City of London

Dentures by nature have always been difficult to keep in the mouth and over the past couple of decades, but the lab boys in the city of London have been hard at work to come up with the best adhesives to prevent this problem from happening. Most adhesives that you can buy these days are water based and work with the saliva in the mouth to help the bonding process, but this can be an ‘own goal’ because the saliva can break down some adhesives and render them useless. Some are not water based and work better. Essentially, adhesives are used in the first months of wearing dentures until the gums settle down and shape themselves around their new intruders. But although denture technology has improved and they adhere better to the mouth, adhesives work as a back-up to give the wearer more confidence. So for anyone that is in this situation, you’ll need to do your homework so that you can get the best adhesive on the market and it may well come down to trial and error in the beginning; talk to your dentist and go on-line and do some research. The right products are out there, but it’s down to you to find them.