04 Dec

Advanced modern braces form London dentist

Braces, also known as dental braces or orthodontic braces, are devices made from a combination of metal, plastic and ceramic used to align teeth for cosmetic and dental health purposes. They are commonly used to correct malocclusions, which include all bite misalignments, as well as crooked or overcrowded teeth.
Having existed in one form or another for over a hundred years, braces aim to use the force applied by wires and plastic retainers to gradually manipulate teeth into a more attractive position. They have become increasingly common over the last twenty years with more and more patients benefiting form the increasingly improved and more affordable treatment.
Most patients of a certain age will be very familiar with fixed metal ‘train-track’ braces which were very popular in the 1990s and first years of the new millennium but brace technology is now able to offer less intrusive and more aesthetically pleasing alternatives. Patients now have the choice of clear plastic invisible braces called Invisalign, or incredibly fast-acting braces such as the Inman aligner or Six Month Smile treatment, which aim to straighten teeth up to 75 per cent faster.
Almost all braces involve a certain amount of discomfort when initially fitted that normally passes after the first few days, but some treatments do involve uncomfortable tightening on a regular basis. Other new braces like the Damon system aim to limit the discomfort to the patient by using revolutionary self-ligating wires that require no tightening.
London dentists can offer each individual patient the most suitable treatment depending on their individual requirements and preferences. Brace technology has come a long way since the first braces were used in the 1880s and can now offer straighter teeth with the minimum fuss, discomfort and cost to the patient.