16 May

Advanced Toothbrush Manufacturer Quip Purchases Dental Plan Start-up

shutterstock_52406422Quip, a manufacturer of advanced sleek looking toothbrushes nicknamed the “Tesla of Toothbrushes” has acquired Afora, a dental plan startup, a move that the company’s CEO claims is about getting more people to go to the dentist on a regular basis.
The move, whilst unusual on the face of it, comes in the wake of several healthcare companies acquiring and moving into other healthcare markets, with hospitals getting into pharmaceuticals, insurers owning doctor’s offices and pharmacies owning insurers.
Quip and Afora are healthcare startups aimed at disrupting the toothbrush industry and the American dental plan market.
Quip is a subscription service that offers a streamlined electric toothbrush for $25, and regular supplies of brushes and toothpaste are available at $5 every three months.
Afora on the other hand, offer a dental plan that, for $25 gives access to a network of dentists (currently New York City-based) that includes two hygiene appointments, annual exams and X-Rays, focusing on preventative dental services. After this, Afora have negotiated prices if a procedure is required.
Quip has also in recent months announced it has received $22 million in funding and has a ubiquitous presence on the New York Subway.