05 Mar

Advice for Parents in the City of London: How to Look After Your Child's Smile

Children can be unruly, unmanageable and uncooperative at the best of times. However, when it comes to brushing their teeth and visiting the dentist, this childhood rebellion goes into overdrive. Every parent knows, or remembers, the kicking and screaming matches accompany a dental check-up or a bedtime ritual. But what are the true consequences of admitting defeat and growing neglectful when it comes to your children’s dental health?
Cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, fillings and abscesses are just a few of the conditions your child could be subject to if their oral hygiene is allowed to slide. Most of these problems are initially caused by the build up of plaque and food debris in the mouth and around the teeth. This accumulation can lead to tooth decay or the formation of hard tartar (the cause of gum disease) and bacteria in the oral cavity.
Parents in the City of London must be aware of how they can ensure that their children’s teeth stay happy and healthy; firstly, cleaning the teeth and the tongue twice a day is imperative as this is the best way to ensure that plaque isn’t allowed to collect in the mouth. If possible, flossing should be completed at least once a day as this can help remove plaque from stubborn areas.
In addition, parents should manage their children’s diet in such a way that reduces that amount of sweets, chocolate and ice-cream they consume. These foods all contain a high level of sugar, the ingredient that is responsible for cavities and fillings.
Regular dental check-ups are the final step in providing good health care for your child. Not only will your dentist be able to keep on top of any potential problems, they will also be able to instil reassurance that there is nothing to fear from a visit to the dentist.