11 May

Advice on getting Invisalign braces in London!

Did you wear braces when you were small? Did you get tired of being mercilessly teased by friends and family as, “robot head, metal mouth” and so on? Well unfortunately I’ve got bad news, bad teeth and alignment is generally hereditary so there’s very god chance that your children will have to wear braces too! But there’s good news too!
London dentists have a new alterative to the old painful metal wires and brackets! Invisible braces are here to stay! Yes that’s right INVISLAIGN braces are a set of invisible plastic braces which are individually designed to move your teeth back to the original position as painlessly as possible.
1. These braces are made of invisible plastic moldable material not clearly visible to the eye.
2. Individual braces are manufactured by a computer so you get the best fit and alignment to tooth movement.
3. More efficient and take lesser time to achieve treatment results.
4. The unsightly metal braces and brackets are completely eliminated and the pains and aches of the metal poking gum tissue is completely done away with.Disadvantages-
1. Pretty expensive!
2. These braces can only be used for the simplest of cases and can’t be used with partially erupted teeth or severe crowding.
3. These braces need a special laboratory to manufacturer the braces and you will get a set of new 12 to 48 aligners to make the teeth move to new positions.
4. As the braces are removable the patient has to co-operate in wearing the braces or its no use.