06 Dec

Affordable cosmetic bonding from London dentist restores teeth

When compared with certain other cosmetic dentistry procedures, cosmetic bonding is incredibly affordable and simple, but at the same time capable of producing very effective results. The process involves the skilful mixing of composite resin to closely match the colour of the existing teeth before applying it in layers and moulding it to the desired shape. It is then set hard and finished to resemble the smooth appearance of tooth enamel.
Cosmetic bonding, otherwise known as simply dental bonding, can be used for a variety of dental procedures including repairing broken or damaged teeth, securing dental restorations and covering worn or badly discoloured teeth. Its versatility and affordability make it a very popular choice with both dentists and patients despite the fact it is not as durable as some other dental restorations.
Working with cosmetic bonding is a very skilful job and most dentists will be proficient, but there are dentists who specialise almost solely in cosmetic bonding work such is its important role in dental care. Bonding is capable of transforming a whole dental arc of teeth in only one visit, restoring the shape, colour and texture to chipped, discoloured and enamel-damaged teeth.
Bonding is also commonly used as filling material for cavities or as a bonding agent for ceramic inlays or crowns. When set firm it is extremely adhesive and strong making it the perfect substance for dental fillings. Dentists in London can give you more advice about the many benefits of dental bonding and can perform a routine dental assessment to see if your teeth could benefit form the magic of cosmetic bonding. They will also be bale to give you an estimation of cost, which varies according to the size and nature of treatment but will be significantly less than most other dental repair work.