06 Jun

Affordable dental bonding from London dentist

Cosmetic bonding is one of the most versatile and useful of all the dental treatments, both for offering protection and for cosmetic purposes. In fact, it forms such a big part of modern dentistry that there are even dentists who specialise solely in the application and mixing of composite resin used for bonding.
Dental bonding is perhaps best known for its use in filling dental cavities. In the past, most filings were made of silver amalgam but in recent years this has cause some controversy due to the presence of mercury vapours. Silver fillings were also quite unseemly because of the metallic appearance they produced in the mouth. Dental bonding, although not quite as strong as silver filings, is perfectly safe and can also be mixed to closely match the colour of the existing teeth, meaning the aesthetic quality of the teeth is preserved.
Dental bonding is also used to attach crowns and veneers. The resin is mixed up and acts as a bonding cement between the porcelain and the tooth enamel. Once happy with the desired appearance, the dentist will set the bonding hard with a dental laser. Once set, dental bonding is very tough and durable and provides an extra layer of protection to the teeth.
Dental bonding can be used on its own to restore the appearance of chipped, cracked and discoloured teeth. The resin is applied to the area in question and shaped to the desired affect. Again it is then set hard using a dental laser restoring the appearance of the teeth. It is a very popular treatment, not just because of its versatility but also because it is very affordable.
London dentists offer dental boding to repair and improve the appearance of teeth effectively and cheaply. If you require any dental work but are unable to afford expensive porcelain veneers or teeth whitening, ask your dentist about dental bonding.