02 Dec

Affordable dental bridge from Central London dentist replaces missing tooth

Having a missing tooth, for whatever reason, can be an embarrassing and unpleasant situation. Not only does it have an adverse affect on confidence and esteem because of its negative aesthetic appearance, but it can also cause a variety of dental health and muscle problems if not replaced. Along with partial dentures and dental implants, the other major restoration available is a dental bridge.
A dental bridge literally involves bridging the gap of the missing tooth using dental crowns for support and an artificial tooth called a pontic. They rely on the patient having reasonably healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth to which the crowns can be attached. A Central London dentist will fit a dental bridge over the course of several appointments, first installing the crowns and a temporary bridge, when satisfied with the crowns, the dentist can then fix the artificial tooth, usually made of porcelain, which is slightly embedded in the gum to give it a more realistic appearance.
There are other types of dental bridge that can be used in certain situations. If the teeth are in particularly good condition and the dentist does not want to remove any enamel to fit a crown, the pontic can be supported by resin bonded strips. If there are only existing teeth on one side of the gap, a cantilever bridge can be used by attaching two or more crowns on that side for support. Dental bridges can last up to ten years if properly maintained. They are not the most sturdy of the dental replacements but they are one of the most affordable.