12 Jan

Affordable teeth whitening from City of London dentist

We all want to have the beautiful and dazzling smile of our favourite movie star but the common misconception is that teeth whitening is prohibitively expensive. In fact, teeth whitening is the most affordable of all the cosmetic dental practices and there is a treatment for you no matter how small your budget.
Everybody is affected by the gradual discolouration of teeth; it’s just one of those unfortunate circumstances of aging. So, that favourite actor or singer of yours with the sparkling teeth has almost certainly had them whitened. Because whiter teeth subconsciously make people appear younger it can be one of the most effective of all the cosmetic procedures but it is no longer solely for those with a celebrity sized bank account.
Teeth whitening is the fastest growing and most popular procedure offered by cosmetic dentists and with treatments starting at just £40 it is easy to see why. Obviously more expensive treatments are available but they are all effective to some degree.
It is important to remember though, that even though it is possible to buy whitening kits from the internet, it is always advisable to have the procedure carried out by a trained dentist. City of London dentists can white teeth effectively and safely using the necessary equipment. Because the whitening ingredient used is hydrogen peroxide there is some danger of burning soft tissue if used incorrectly. Dentists can also prepare lower concentration take-home kits for increased results.