01 Jun

Am I suitable for a Dental Implant in London?

Modern dentistry loves to boast about how it has the answers to all your teeth problems, but in reality, some people in London are simply not suitable to the treatments on offer…maybe in the future they will be. Having a dental implant falls into this category. If you are considering an implant, it’s not really down to you as such, it’s down to the dentists who will carry out the procedure and you will have to be assessed before you can get it done. Firstly, an x-ray will determine the condition of your jaw and your teeth, as over time your jaw may experience bone loss that may require a graft before you can have the implant, then your gums will be assessed because before any work is carried out, any gum disease or signs of an abscess must be treated. If you suffer from certain diseases like diabetes or heart disease, high blood pressure, are young or are pregnant, you will certainly not be considered at all. Secondly, it’s then down to your lifestyle. As with any operation you are about to undergo, certain things must be removed from your daily life before and after the operation to allow the best chance of healing- these people are often referred to as ‘problematic candidates’ and these include people who are heavy smokers and/or drinkers, people who grind their teeth, substance abusers or people on steroids. Before you have any chance of being considered for a dental implant, these issues must be tackled.