25 Jun

Am I the right candidate for dental implants? London dentists can tell you

Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular solution for people who have lost one or more of their teeth. But it is not a decision to be taken lightly as having a dental implant placed in the mouth requires invasive surgery and they are not a cheap option. The advantage is that, once successfully in place, you can look forward to an incredibly stable base for a realistic looking false tooth.
They work according to the basis of the property of the metal titanium that allows it to fuse with live bone tissue. This osseontigration means that dental implants effectively become part of the mouth they are in. In order to place dental implants in the right position, your dentist will need to make an incision into the gum. This will require local anaesthetic.
As such, dental implants are not always suitable for everyone. If you have a blood condition which stops your blood from clotting properly then dental implants might not be the ideal choice for you. Patients who are generally quite frail or in poor health might be advised not to pursue dental implants.
The success rate of dental implant procedures is very high indeed but they don’t always successfully integrate with the jaw bone. This can be a painful experience and the operation will have to be redone in order to achieve what is needed.
If you are thinking about dental implants the best thing to do is to have a thorough chat with your London dentist about what is involved in the procedure. Be sure to explain everything you know about your general health to see if your body will be able to properly heal the place where the dental implant has been placed.