28 May

Amazing Invisalign in London

If you are going to have something done in London, have it done right, especially when it comes to your teeth and when it comes to having them straightened, there is none better than the super slick, the super cool and the super ‘invisible’ Invisalign. This amazing little aligner blows all the dogma and stigma attached to braces out of the water.
Firstly, have you got the money? It is one of the more expensive aligners around. Then you need to see if you measure up to the program because not everyone does, but if you do, you will have a series of images taken in order to make up a number of aligners that you will change as your teeth start to move. Nothing special there yet. One of the good things about this aligner is that it is removable so that when you eat or clean your teeth, you can take it out, ensuring that your teeth and gums remain healthy. Another thing about it is that it works fast at getting your teeth into shape: on average, Invisalign works three times faster than most other braces and aligners.
But its real glory comes in the way it looks, or doesn’t. Braces can tend to look quite ugly, especially for a teenager and can really affect some people- not so with Invisalign; it’s made from a clear plastic that once fitted into the mouth is virtually difficult to spot by others….THAT is its selling point! Imagine the weight that is lifted off the shoulders of those who wear it, no ridicule, no stress- you could almost fall in love!