25 May

Amazing Mercury-Free Dentistry

Baker Street Dental Group is proud to be a mercury-free clinic and we are delighted to offer our clients beautifully crafted, environmentally friendly white fillings. With white fillings, we are able to fill cavities and restore teeth without taking away from the beauty of your smile. Whether you need a new filling or you would like to replace old mercury fillings, we can help.

The benefits of white fillings

In the past, before materials such as dental composite were available, mercury alloys were used to treat decayed teeth. While they are still used in the UK, there are concerns about the safety of mercury fillings and white fillings are considered a much safer option. Mercury can also have potential dangers in terms of its impact on the environment and white fillings offer much more discreet, natural looking aesthetics.
With a white filling, you can enjoy improved oral health as well as better aesthetics and peace of mind.

How is a tooth filled?

The procedure to fill a tooth is fairly simple and we will numb the tooth prior to treatment to ensure you feel comfortable throughout. The first stage of treatment involves clearing and cleaning the cavity to remove any decayed tissue and bacteria. When the cavity is clean, a bonding agent will be applied to help the composite to stick. The composite is then placed inside the cavity and moulded to ensure that it fills it completely. At this stage, dental composite is soft and it looks and feels like putty. Once the cavity has been filled, a curing light is aimed at the filling and this sets the composite, making it harden. After this, your dentist will trim the filling to make sure it is a perfect fit and you’ll be free to go. Dental composite is available in lots of different shades and we will choose the closest match to your tooth for the best aesthetic result.