22 Jul

An end to wisdom teeth pain at central London dentist

Wisdom tooth pain can be one of the most unpleasant experiences of your life, just ask anyone who has suffered from it. In fact, instead of blessing us with wisdom, they can actually be the cause of a pretty nasty headache and cause for concern. The pain of wisdom teeth can last for anything between ten and fifteen days and is often associated with severe pain on the inner cheek, swelling and nasty pain in the gums, inability to sleep due to pain and pain while eating or chewing.
The pain is often caused because there is not enough room for the teeth to develop. This means that when they come through they are forced to rotate and impact against the other teeth and even the jawbone. This can be very painful and in some cases they may even need to be removed. But what can you do at home to relieve the pain of wisdom teeth?
Placing ice inside a handkerchief or tissue and applying it to the required area may give you some relief, as will rinsing your mouth with saltwater. There are also a number of dental creams on the market that can be used to alleviate some of the pain. If these treatments do not work, and if the pain is really bad even before trying them, it is necessary to make an appointment with a Central London dentist. They will be able to carry out a full examination of the teeth and see exactly what is causing the problem. They will also be able to recommend you for a wisdom tooth extraction if they believe that to be necessary.