22 Dec

Anxiety-free dentures with mini-implants from City of London dentist

Wearing dentures can be a real burden, especially if loose or ill fitting dentures are constantly falling out or irritating the gums. This can be a cause of great anxiety for wearers and can often lead patients to resort to rather unpleasant denture adhesives for added security. But now there is a new, more permanent solution that allows denture wearers the confidence to enjoy life with no limits.
Mini-dental implants are small titanium screws that are anchored into the jawbone to act as a solid base for the dentures. They can be fixed using special clips attached to your existing set of dentures that allows them to snap on and off when required. Because the mini-implants are attached to the jaw itself, it feels more like the structure of a real tooth and also acts like it, meaning foods previously off limits to many denture wearers no longer present a problem.
The implants usually come in sets of five for each dental arc. A City of London dentist will fit the implants during routine surgery and they will then be left for several weeks to allow the bone and soft tissue to fuse with the titanium. Once this has happened the dentures can be clipped on to the implants and the patient is ready to enjoy a worry and hassle free life.
Dental implants are a permanent solution that will not need replacing at any point in the future. The cost of mini-implants is kept down as they are able to function with existing dentures after some minor adjustments. There is no more need to live in fear of embarrassment at the hand of your dentures, no more need to turn down a delicious looking apple because you are worried your dentures may break. Mini-implants have been changing the life of thousands of denture wearers all over the country so why not ask your dentist what they can do for you.