28 Jun

Are London patients avoiding their dentists?

It’s finally been established! With the New Year still about six months away, three key London dental supply companies’ have recently declared the financial results which show that the demand for supplies has fallen in the dental market! Surprising, right? But it’s true!
Stock prices have fallen across the board due to a sharp fall in demand as well as an increase in the amount of surplus stocks in store with companies! Most companies still had a healthy sale rate, but quite a few areas of the sales market were sluggish as compared to the same time last year. In April Robert W. Baird market analyst Jeff Johnson had to forcibly lower stock prices of Patterson Dental, Dentsply, and Henry Schein based on market research which stated that very soon dental care would nose dive over the subsequent few months.
And of course the same thing happened! Although the poor economy is being blamed for the fall in prices of the stocks as well as the market demand, Johnson has decreased the Dentsply’s likely stock cost to £42 as of £48 last month. The stock has further decreased to about £40.59. Specialty areas like orthodontics and lab implants are the worst hit with endodontic and lab supplies following close behind. But Dentsply still has projected a growth curve of about 4% in U.S., along with a greater growth of 8.5% in Europe as well as about 6.3% everywhere else.