05 Jan

Are You Ashamed of Your Teeth in London? Why Not Try Dental Veneers

Having tired, worn, chipped, cracked or stained teeth can really affect your confidence in London. You may find yourself smiling less and hiding what you have. It can even affect the way you talk to people, project yourself, and you can find that you are disappearing into your shell. It could be time then, to consider a makeover. Depending on how far ‘gone’ your teeth are, veneers are a great option. These little gems can make your smile return and everything else that comes with it, and it isn’t that expensive either. A porcelain veneer will set you back, on average, around £200, less on the NHS and the procedure takes around two weeks, or if you choose CEREC, about 2 hours. First the dentist will shave away the original enamel and then take a mould. The mould will then be sent off so that the veneers can be made, and in the interim, you will be fitted with a temp. When the veneers return, they are simply cemented onto the teeth and you walk away with a very natural, translucent look to your smile for up to 10 years. Another option is a lumineer- a similar process in preparation, except the original enamel is retained, and the new lumineer simply pasted onto the old tooth and this process is reversible.