04 Feb

Are You Looking for Denture Adhesives in London?

Many people who wear dentures are unsure as to whether denture adhesives are necessary. The truth is they’re not – but they can make wearing dentures feel more comfortable, and alleviate worries. If your dentures slip regularly, see your dentist – it may be that you simply need a denture adjustment.
However, if you feel more comfortable using denture adhesive, there is no reason not to. There are two kinds of denture adhesives currently available.
The first type is the powdered adhesives, which you apply simply by applying a thin layer of powder onto the inside of your denture before you put the denture in place. These are easier to clean off than other types of adhesives, and they don’t affect your bite. If you opt for a powdered adhesive, you’ll have to remember to clean your denture rather than simply rinse it with water.
The second kind of denture adhesive is paste adhesives. You apply these moderately onto the tissue surface of a clean, dry denture, before placing it in position. This is less convenient than the powdered denture for a couple of reasons: if you apply too much, it might ooze out and alter the structure of your bite. It’s also much harder to clean off thoroughly.
Your denture adhesive should keep your dentures in place for a good amount of time, though it’s dependent upon a variety of factors. Upper dentures tend to stay in for longer, because they do not have to deal with the movements and friction that lower dentures get from your tongue, cheeks and mouth.
People with dentures should still see their dentists for check-ups twice annually. If you think you might need a denture adhesive, ask your London dentist for advice and information on what kind will suit you best.