14 Jun

Are You Missing Multiple Teeth? Your London Dentist Can Fit Dentures to Return a Bright Smile to Your Face

Dentures, commonly known as false teeth, are removable replacements for your teeth. Whether you lost your teeth in an accident, through tooth decay or with old age, dentures offer the possibility of getting your teeth working again and bringing back a full smile. Dentures are available to replace some or all of your teeth depending on your needs, speak to your London dentist about what you need.
If you have some natural teeth remaining you will be able to get a ‘partial denture’. These are a set of false teeth that can fit next to your existing teeth to fill in a gap. Modern materials mean you might be able to pick the shade of white to match your natural teeth, blending all your teeth together in to a natural smile. If necessary your dentist will be able to do a full denture replacement to recreate an entire set of teeth. Modern dentures are so convincing that no one apart from dentists will be able to tell they are not natural.
Most contemporary dentures are custom made and fit; this of course can take extra time in the preparation but will be more than worth it once you see the end result. From initial consultation it can take from 3 to 8 weeks to design, produce and fit your dentures. While this may seem a long time, it is to make sure that the dentures are a perfect fit for you and your needs. Speak to your dentist early to get the ball rolling and you’ll have a brand new, full set of teeth in no time.