27 Dec

Are You Suffering from Teeth Erosion? Local Dentist in London Can Help You

Teeth erosion can also be referred to as dental erosion or acid erosion. Teeth erosion is the deterioration of the enamel of your teeth from acid. Acidic foods will break down the enamel on your teeth. Your saliva works to neutralize the acid but if it does not act quickly enough, particles of tooth enamel will be lost in demineralization. Enamel is the hardest substance of the human body, but it is unfortunately not impenetrable. When you lose enamel from your teeth, more sensitive layers of your teeth such as dentin are exposed to the elements. When dentin is exposed, your teeth will look darker and yellowed. Patients who suffer from teeth erosion often report a sensitivity to hot and cold foods and teeth that look rounded or transparent. In the most advanced stages of teeth erosion, teeth will begin to crack and dent. Teeth erosion is best prevented by following preventative measures recommended by your dentist in London. Avoid particularly acidic foods and drinks such as carbonated drinks. If you happen to consume very acidic food, take a moment to rinse your mouth with water afterwards. This will give your teeth some time to remineralise after the acidic food. Wait at least one hour to brush your teeth after consuming acidic food. If you suspect you are experiencing teeth erosion, come speak to us quickly.