06 Jul

Are your London patients going abroad for treatment?

Dental treatment of any sort is expensive and if you don’t have dental insurance then watch out for the dent in your wallet! But if your patients are thinking of going abroad then here are a few things you have to make them aware of.
• Not all dentists abroad comply with the same standards which are enforced in the UK. Sterility, cleanliness, experience may all be variable and there may be no one you can complain to after a botched dental procedure.
• There may be language barriers and consent for different procedures is not relay necessary in other countries,
• Please do not be swayed by cheap quotes you get online as any dentist will tell you that its really impossible to decide a case unless the dentist has visually examined the case. X-rays are not enough.
• Dental labs in developing countries may use cheaper materials as from China and as of know there is a huge furor about dental materials sourced form China being contaminated with common poisons.
• You cannot go back to fix simple problems which have happened or gross mistakes which may occur. You have to realize that there is no legal recourse for you in the country of treatment as you will be considered a tourist with no legal rights to sue the dentist for malpractice.