01 Jan

Attacking A Tooth Abscess In London

There are a lot of daunting and often scary things going on around you in a city like London, and yet it’s the unexpected that can often be the scariest of all, especially when it’s related to your health. There are many things that can go wrong with your body and even though you try to keep on top of things, it’s not always possible to be on guard all of the time. The perfect example of this is your oral health. You brush and floss every day, yet things still manage to get through. Plaque is the trigger for all things nasty in the mouth and if it is ignored, it can set of a chain of events, one being tooth decay and this in turn can lead to a tooth abscess- probably the most scariest and instantly dangerous things that can erupt in your mouth. It will first come with a lot of pain and then swell your face to horrific proportions. Whilst all of this is going on, it leaks poison into the blood and then into the brain, making it a very dangerous and sometimes life threatening scenario. You must react quickly to a tooth abscess; you need antibiotics to quell the poison- if you can’t get them from your dentist, then get along to your nearest hospital. Once the swelling has subsided, your dentist can then get to work on dealing with the tooth decay that has caused the abscess. But there is every chance that in the long run, the tooth may have to come out to stop the abscess from coming back.