04 Feb

Avoid baby bottle decay with help from London dentist

Children need strong and healthy teeth when they are growing up to help them develop strong and straight teeth when they are adults. Tooth decay can begin at a very early age and can cause a whole series of dental problems later in life. This early tooth decay, also known as baby bottle decay, is often caused by giving children too many sugary drinks.
The sugar contained in many drinks such as fruit juices, baby formula and even milk can encourage the growth of bacteria that causes plaque. Plaque is a filmy substance that surrounds the teeth and causes the break down of tooth enamel. There are several easy tips to help avoid baby bottle decay that if followed can help your children to develop healthy teeth.
Avoid giving your child drinks with a high sugar content. Breast milk is far better for your child’s teeth than formula as it contains less sugar. As your child gets older, try to give them water rather than juice or milk. Try to remember to remove the bottle when the child has fallen asleep and try to teach children to drink form a cup as early as possible. Try to discourage your child from prolonged use of a dummy and never dip the dummy in honey or sugar to get them to use it.
Always encourage your children to clean their teeth and begin to floss at an early age. London dentists can give you more advice on how best to clean your child’s teeth and can recommend which products will be most suitable. Children should visit the dentist every six months just like adults to ensure their teeth develop as healthily as possible.