06 Feb

Avoid bad breath with hygiene advice from Central London dentist

Bad breath is one of those personal hygiene problems that can be really unpleasant. Like body odour, it seems like everyone else is aware of the problem but the sufferer them self and being stuck in a confined space with someone with bad breath is an experience we all want to avoid. One of the major problems with bad breath is that it can be very difficult to know when you are suffering from it, unless someone tells you, and that’s never an easy thing to either do or hear. But you can take action against bad breath by simply following a few dental hygiene rules.
Over 90 per cent of all cases of bad breath are caused by poor standards of oral hygiene leading to bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria build up on decaying food matter trapped between teeth and in the grooves of the tongue. This decays releasing a nasty smelling sulphurous compound, which is carried out on the breath. This is the source of the condition also known commonly as halitosis. This bacteria can be easily removed by effective brushing and flossing. Brushing twice a day at least, with a suitable brush and paste helps to remove bacteria and trapped food that cause bad breath. Flossing is equally important in removing the food and bacteria from parts of the mouth hard to reach with a brush such as between teeth and below the gum line.
It may also be a good idea to use either a tongue cleaner or an inter-dental brush to remove even more bacteria. By following this advice and also remembering to see a Central London dentist every six months for additional cleaning you can easily help prevent bad breath and live your life confident in the knowledge you are not the person everyone is talking about.